BizDesigns(Business Designs)

BizDesigns specializes in providing design and construction services for aspiring entrepreneurs. We are a team of business consultants and experienced engineers that will help you make the blueprint for your business designs and business’ success!
We specialize in designing and building the following:
Mobile Cart
Nothing beats the mobility of a mobile cart. If a client can’t come to you, then you can come to them! Plus, you are not held down by ridiculously high rental fees because you can come and go as you please anytime!
Whether it’s a mobile coffee business or mobile grooming service, whether you use a bike, e-bike, motorcycle, or even a pickup truck- our team of business consultants and engineers will guide you through the startup and implementation stage of your business!
Food Stall/ Mall Kiosk
Each mall has a different size requirement. And depending on your business concept, the design may vary, and you only have a split second to capture the attention of a customer, so first impressions on the design and branding are important!
Store Concepts
We design and construct stores, salons, and restaurants that will stand out from the crowd. Our design philosophy is to stay away from the usual bland interiors- but make the most out of space is available, whether it’s just 20sqm of space for a cafe or salon, and use modern aesthetically pleasing design themes that will make a long-lasting first impression with your customers! Bold- but functional.
All designs posted are made and owned by BizDesigns unless otherwise stated.
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